minute rice intro

so let's take a shot at this blogger thing eh? Heres the minute rice version of what we're up to... Aaron and I have been enjoying the married life for 5 months now. We are currently in sunny California in the city of LA. We're with YWAM right now doing a School of Ministry Development that ends at the end of May. We're then planning on moving out to Chile hopefully in the Fall.

I actually have been posting some blogs on this other site but I don't like it so much so I'm gonna try this one out. So you can check it out if you want, we have pictures and stuff too www.spaces.msn.com/asortega

That's it! We're leaving right now, taking some people from our school to going to visit Aaron's family this weekend. One of Aaron's friends from College is performing at his church on Sunday so we're going to check that out too.

So when we get back I'll do a more detailed version of what's been going on. Ciao!