bowling and off-roading

well yesterday was quite the eventful day! Aaron took me on a tour of the beautilful hills we have here beside us and all the way up to hanglider's peak. Usually you would be able to see all of Los Angeles from this point but the fog was not in our favor that day so we'll have to go back again on a less polluted day... Anyways the ride up was absolutly beautiful. It just makes you say wow, what a stunning God we serve. "Gloriously wasteful" as someone once put it. You see, if I find a painting I adore or take a great picture I'll hold on to it because I think that it is beautiful and my heart clings to beautiful things. But God, He will create a delicious sunset every night. The kind that will make your mouth drop. and then he wipes it clear after a few minutes. Not to worry though, the same masterpiece will occur again tomorrow only to be wiped clear again. gloriously waasteful indeed.

After our adventure up in the hills we went bowling!! You see, our school has this great thing once in a while called, "manditory fun" (hows that for a name!) And so we went bowling and had a great time making fools of ourselves.

Enjoy the pictures!!


  1. Hi Sarah and Aaron,,, Wow beautiful photos,,,potential paintings!!. Hey Aaron,,I'm sporting a beard too -- but likely will not have it when you return in June. Your bedroom suite is now painted, furnished and ready for you return. Recent movies I've seen: Inside Man (8.5/10); Lucky Number Sleven (8.5/10)

  2. Oh yeah, I've registered for a men's seminar featuring John Eldridge (live). Later, Pa

  3. hey guys! those are some beautiful pictures! i wish i could see that view around here! sarah, i am loving the "gloriously wasteful" phrase, that is a fantastic way to describe it! oh and that picture of you is so good, you guys are way too cute! missing you guys and praying for you!


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