From the beach to the mountains

What a week! On Friday Aaron and I and three of our classmates drove up to Pismo beach (arguably one of my most favorite places in California) And we totally bummed it and slept on the beach! everyone else had their RVs and fancy electronics and then there was us... We didn't even have a tent to begin with!! We put together a make-shift tent with the supplies on hand but luckilly the YWAM base at Pismo was so kind to lend us a real one (although the original would have been totally fine... it just needed walls thats all!) We had chef boyardee for dinner and used the lids for spoons. and we had leftover smores for breakfast... I enjoyed just going with the flow and not having everything on hand. That's camping my friends! So it was fun, the boys even got a little surfing in.
And then on Monday the whole school went on a 5 hour trip to Bishop. It is a cute mountain town that remined me of home. We stayed at a fishing resort that used to be a YWAM base and we worked hard to help them out before the summer rush. We painted and dug a trench and made a dam for the river. It was so beautiful!! When we weren't working we were hiking and exploring and just enjoying the scenery. What a delicious blessing. Anyways, enjoy the long weekend!


  1. Well, no arguments here, Pismo is pretty rad! I'm glad you had fun...which just means that you'll have even more fun when you come and visit me! Miss you guys like crazy!

  2. it is so incredibly beautiful there! sounds like you guys are having a great last few days there! when do you head back to canada?

  3. Hi Smaries and Arrs,
    We are looking forward to your homecoming : ) and going camping with you. Dars and I just got back and plan on doing it every weekend! (Well at least thats my plan)
    See you soon!
    Jars, Daries, and Paries (Puppy)

  4. Beautiful place,,, nice photo of the guy "leaping"!! I'm going to a John Elderidge conference 1st weekend in June. Miss you guys lots. See you in +/- 3 weeks .


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