Playing the Tourist

It has been a great week! I went to a mother and daughter breakfast with Aaron's mom last Saturday. The resturaunt was beautiful and you could see the whole city below! I had a great time with Vangie. Then, this week has probably been our most hectic. We had to come up with a big project to plan out and we did our presentations this morning so they are done! whew.

Last night we decided to take a break and go cruising down Sunset Blvd! It was so great, we went from Belair to Beverly Hills to Santa Monica and finally to Venice Beach! It was quite the variety. We checked out the elaborate and gigantic homes in Belair and Beverly Hills. and then walked around Venice Beach and looked at all the shops and artists and musicians and even bought some demo cds from the musicians and chatted with them for a bit. (they're in the pictures too.) And we finally walked down Santa Monica Pier at night and had some dinner and tne headed back home.

Well, since our time in YWAM LA is winding down we are trying to do as much as we can to enjoy the last of it. So tonight we are driving up to Pismo Beach to stay for the weekend and we are camping on the beach!! how fun. Ciao!


  1. man i wish i was there! i love california! all five days that i have spent there were great! love you guys!

  2. um, that was my comment that is deleted, it posted twice for some reason. i just didn't want you to wonder your whole life who the deleted comment was from!

  3. Hi Sarah!!!
    Auntie Doozan here. It has been so hot this week that I can't sleep. So I'm having a turn on the computer. I knew that you had a new blog but I kept forgetting to ask your parents for the URL. I took a chance and "googled" your name. Tah-dah--- found ya.

    Loved looking at all of your photos! Can't wait to see you again (in person). When are you coming "home"?

    Love Auntie Doozan

  4. Oops - say Hi to Aaron!!


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