A day at the Beach

We have had a great week spending time with Aaron's family and our friends. We'll be in California for about one more week before we fly back to Canada on the 14th. We'll be there for about a month or two before we go to Chile!! Even though we're on vacation we still have things on the agenda. Meetings, paperwork, planning, and we're even getting to do some councelling with people. I am realizing more and more that this is a powerful ministry that God has given the both of us. It just seems to flow naturally in Aaron and I and we make a good team doing it together.

On Saturday the whole family (all 10 of us) went to Huntington Beach for the day. I had so much fun! It is so hot here though! The weather is in the 30's and on Wednesday we are going with Aaron's parents to Palm Springs for 3 days which is 10 degrees hotter, 40 degrees!! I might die of spontaneous combustion before we make it back home...
Here is some exciting news though... Aaron and I have the chance to go to Panama this summer with a group from his church in mid-July. We would be serving with YWAM for a week in a program called mission adventures. We would be going to different villages and working with the indiginous people. And perhaps Aaron and I could stay for an extra week and maybe even visit Costa Rica again! Anyways, we have to pray about our decision but my heart is longing to go!

Well, that's all the news for now, here are some pictures from the beach.


  1. great pictures! who took those?

  2. I did! I've always had a thing for photography so I'm trying to take more pictures and experiment. Glad you like them Kels!

  3. Only 6 more sleeps til you come back to Calgary!!!!!!!
    Can't wait to hear all the stories from the past 6 months, and the plans from the next 12!!
    Kelly's right,,, fantastic photos!!

  4. Oh my goodness!! You are an amazing, amazing photographer! Those pictures are truly incredible.

    Oh, and welcome back sweetie! We better plan coffee soon. You'll be off and gone again before I know it... ;O)

    love ya!

  5. hi uncle how come you didnt get our e-mail yesterday.love u.


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