Our first week

Well after a week of being here we’ve been able to get to know the city and we’ve made some good friendships with the people here. I still often find it hard to believe that we are actually here. I don’t know if a lot of you know this but Chile is something that we’ve had impressed on our hearts for two and a half years. I remember two years ago, walking down the streets of Amsterdam with Aaron and discussing if he really thought that God would lead him to Chile one day and that if he did then I would go with him. If only we knew…

Anyways, our big project of the month has been finishing the new building for the DTS (Discipleship Training School.) It has dorms on the bottom and a classroom upstairs. The DTS starts at the end of September and there is still a lot of work to do! The base is a little short staffed on workers right now so we are more than happy to give ourselves to this project.

We’ve been working really hard and we’ll be excited to see it done. We are also working hard at learning Spanish so please pray that the learning would come quickly and easily.

Recently, we have been able to talk with the director of the base and his wife. It is great to hear their vision for the base and it’s ministries. They are very involved in the community and have endless ideas of how to serve the people of Pichilemu. They have a sports complex and pool on the base that a lot of the locals use. It is a great opportunity to get to know people from the town and make friendships with them. They have sports camps and lessons and so we will be working with that ministry. We will also be going to rural schools and giving health care and also teaching and spending time with the kids.

Thanks to everyone who has been writing us. It is so encouraging to hear from home. Please continue to pray for us. We love you guys! Ciao.


  1. hey ...... i thought u guys were gonna call?
    aww the pics are beautiful....well words of encouragement for the dream team (aaron & sarah) keep your head up, be strengthened, lavish the lord with praise and honor...cz he has called you two to chile...and you are fulfilling what has been talked aboutin amsterdam......praise him....we love you both...we are praying for you both....love the Mendez Dream Team

  2. i am so excited for you guys! keep the updates coming! i am praying!

  3. I am praying for your guys. I am so blessed to know you. I hope someday our men can meet! There is a newly developed chance that we could stay here in Louisiana for another 3 years. Long story... It's not the first choice for us, but it's up to God to tell us where to be and if it's here until 2009, then we do as we're told! Med board is just a mess but it will get figured out eventually. Please keep the pictures coming, Sarah you are such a talented photographer, you inspire me! I am working on taking pictures of Fort Polk to post on our blog, kinda like a mini-virtual tour. If you need anything, let me know! Love ya lots!

  4. I meant "praying for YOU guys!" lol.


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