Outreach to the Island of Chiloe

In the last three weeks we have spent over 50 hours on a bus. Is it just me or does that seem very wrong to you? Well after all that time I at least feel like I have mastered the skill of sleeping in a chair with non-existent leg room…

Anyways, we are back in Pichilemu and it feel great to be home! The last three weeks have been phenomenal!

First of all, as I mentioned before, the group that we went to the island with was made of only Spanish speakers. There was one girl that spoke English but I have to be honest and say that I was a little concerned about how it was all going to work out. Amazingly, things went great. We learned so much Spanish and we even taught at a cell group without a translator!! It’s actually a great way to learn a language, just throw yourself into a group of people who don’t speak your language and… you’ll eventually just get it.

Our first week on the island of Chiloe was spent at a YWAM base in the city of Castro. We worked everyday in everything from digging trenches, painting, gardening, fencing, and construction.

The next week we made our way to Ancud and worked with an elementary school. This was one of the most impacting times for me of the trip. We would spend time with the students and talk to them and teach their classes. Many of the children come from abusive families with parents who are alcoholics or who have abandoned them all together. It was heartbreaking to hear their stories but we were given the chance to speak truth into their lives and love them and pray for them. We also worked with a church during this time. We preached and taught classes and we also spent a lot of time with the youth group and made some great friendships with them.

From here, Aaron and I hopped on yet another bus to Bariloche, Argentina. Here we were able to renew our 90-day visa as well as celebrate our one year anniversary! It was absolutely beautiful and we had a great time together. The city is surrounded by a huge lake and mountains and it totally reminded me of Banff. Bariloche is also famous for it’s chocolate and there were huge stores with chocolate covered everything!

Right now we are busy getting all the preparations done for the DTS in Januray. We are so excited for the students who are coming and our first school that we will be staffing.

Soon we will be returning to California for Christmas and following that we will be in Canada for the New Year. We are so excited to be able to spend time with our family and friends and we will see many of you soon! We have lots of stories to tell and pictures to show. We are so thankful and encouraged by your support and prayers. We feel well loved by our friends and family back at home! We love you and until then, nos vemos!


  1. Hola Aaroncito y Sarasita:
    Como te va? I love following your ministry on this blog site. the photos are exceptional and the text is always from the heart. What joy to get an unexpected phone call at work this week!! May God continue to minister to you as you minister to others.
    I love you very much and look forward to your home coming.
    Love Pa

  2. i waited until sarah posted this blog to comment, but now i'm not quite sure what to say except that i think it's amazing what you two have been doing so far. quite inspirational.


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