Almost Home!

Well, at exactly this time next week we will be in California!! We are so eager to be with our friends and family from home to celebrate Christmas. We will also be flying up to Canada at the end of the month and I can't wait!! (I talked to my mom the other day and she said that it was -30 with lots of snow... for this I can wait)

We have been busy preparing for the DTS in January and trying to get as much as we can get done before Aaron and I take off. We just had our first staff meeting for the school this last week and I really feel like we are going to have an awesome time working with these people. With staff and students we represent 9 countries: Brasil, England, Argentina, Holland, Germany, Peru, Chile, USA, and Canada! I think it is going to be a great six months. So far we have 13 students signed up and it looks like we will be going to nothern Chile and Argentina for the 2 month outreach.

We've also just moved houses this weekend. With the summer months moving in our quiet town triples in size from all the tourists and the prices raise accordingly. So we were very lucky to find a nice home to rent at a reasonable price. Our landlord is such a sweet lady and very fun. Yesterday she even surprised us with our very own Christmas tree and decorations just so it feels a little more like the holidays in our house.

When I look back at the time we've spent in Chile so far I think that we have changed and grown so much. It has been very challenging at times but in a good way. We are excited to come home and share our experiences with you. Well, one of our good friends here is a great photographer so we had a little photoshoot with him on the beach. enjoy!