Back to the bottom of the world...

These last two weeks in Calgary have been great! Second Christmas with my family was so much fun. We all slept in the living room under the tree on "Christmas Eve" which was really December 30 since our family Christmas was postponed this year due to our absence. But we did everything like we usually would from making gingerbread houses to having a big breakfast together after the presents have been opened.

It has been such an awesome time for us to relax and to catch up with family and friends and those who support us. We were also able to go to a Flames game, head up to Banff, and even visit some of our friends from Chile! We also got to taste a little bit of that -40 weather which is not so fun but it will make just us appreciate our summer in Chile a little better.

So we begin our journey home this Sunday. Our suitcases are packed with peanut butter, kraft dinner, brown sugar and other hot commodities. We'll be hitting the ground running when we return with the DTS already in progress. We are a week late coming in so we're going to jump right into it and hopefully we won't feel to tired when that nasty jet lag kicks in.

Our visits to both California and Calgary have reminded us how thankful we are for our family and our friends and our supporting churches. It is a pleasure for you to be a part of our lives and we are happy to share our journey with you. Thank you for all your encouragement and prayers and support. We are excited to see what 2007 has in store!


  1. How did a picture of me not make it on this blog!!
    Puppy is so cute!


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