Well, we decided to take a break from packing and enjoy the beautiful snow fall with a little trip to the tobogganing hill. The dog would go running after us and then when we face-piled into the snow with limbs flying everywhere she would sniff at us and lick our faces to see if we were ok. We had such a blast and then we came home and had hot chocolate to thaw us out. Enjoy the pictures!


  1. so beautiful, aaron and sarah. the snow really is. i am almost jealous because El Nino has decided to make an appearance and depelete the east coast of the States Ninted U...I mean, United States, of snow.

  2. I love Aaron's 90's Board Dokter jacket! Totally rad!

  3. Hey you guys! I miss you and Pichilemu! Email me Sarah, so I can have your email address and write you. Hope you're having a blast. Love, Susan Kincaid


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