We made it!... again!

We have made the long trip yet again to South America. This time we almost missed our connection flight in Dallas because our first plane was almost 2 hours late and so we literally ran off our first plane and on to the second! Oh the adventures of travel…

We arrived on Monday (and we were happy to find a nice care package from our friends on our porch) and we jumped right into working with the DTS on Tuesday. We have such a great group and it is really a true mix of people. We have families, singles, and newlyweds and we also have five first languages represented. (Spanish, English, Dutch, German and Portuguese) You can imagine the huge language barrier hovering over us but it is sometimes pretty humorous especially in the classroom when everyone is trying to understand the teaching and a certain word may be translated four or five times.

With the travel from our homes and back to Chile it feels like two separate worlds with different languages, cultures, foods, customs, and ways of doing things… And as we now transition back into this way of life it proves interesting at times but that is our life and we love it.

I have mentioned that we will be traveling to the north of Chile for our three-month outreach in the beginning of April. We have found out that we will actually be traveling all the way up to Arica. So when I said north I really meant north because this city is literally 10 miles from the border of Peru. We had the chance to go the south of Chile this last November so now we are excited to see the north. This also means something to us because as we’ve been praying about going to Chile for the last three years we kept feeling strongly in our hearts that we would be going to the north and south of Chile but we never knew how that would happen. Isn’t it amazing when God sheds light on things that he placed in your heart so long ago? It is a real confirmation and encouragement for us.

We are excited to be on staff for this DTS because it was such a powerful time for us when we did the school in Costa Rica. We are looking forward to see what these next six months have in store! Thank you for all of your encouragements and prayers. We are so blessed to have our families and friends supporting us on this journey.


  1. So glad you made it back "home" to Chile,,, just a long day of international travel. It was great to have you "home" in Calgary for 2 weeks. I miss you already. We had a nice 5inch snowfall yesterday, but a chinook is on the way. Awesome photos!!! Love Pa

  2. hey guys...we have a request....can you put up a pic of the staff.....and of you know who's
    well im glad that you 2 made it back to Chile safely. we will continue to pray for you love you guys

  3. thanks for keeping us updated!


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