Love Feast and a Swim Meet

Whew! It has been a busy week! Last weekend we had what we call a "Love Feast" for the DTS, a relaxed afternoon to hang out as a group and also to show our appreciation for the students. It was a great backyard BBQ, I think collectively we ate a whole cow! A couple from the team also had their anniversary and so we had a ceremony for them to renew their vows the same afternoon.

This weekend the base is hosting a swim meet. There are 400 swimmers from all over Chile and we also have a team from California. We cooked dinner for a couple people from the US swim team last night and had a great time talking with them out on our patio. They had brought some snacks from home with them and so they decided to pass them on to us!

And so we were happily blessed with some blueberry poptarts and goldfish crackers, which normally wouldn't be that extravagant, but here in South America they're quite the commodity and we enjoyed every bite!

We will be leaving town this Tuesday for a one-week outreach to San Vicente.

We had earlier planned on spending the week in Vina del Mar but plans change often and you just learn to go with the flow right? Well, it also turns out that we won't have a translator coming with us. Ok, Aaron and I know a lot of Spanish but I don't know if we are at "translator level" so it will be an interesting week for us for sure! You can umm… pray for that.

So we will look forward to telling you how next week goes in San Vicente and until then make sure you enjoy your poptarts and goldfish crackers!


  1. OMG - AWESOME PICTURES!! Aaron you need a haircut!!! Sorry for the short call today - the party was crazy!!! LOVE AND MISS YOU!!! CALL ME TOMORROW---Mom (Cali)

  2. Oh. My. Word. The swim meet photos are absolutely gorgeous. If you two have the time, I'd highly suggest they be printed on photo paper and framed so you could sell them to fund your DTS staffing if necessary, and hey, if not, who said missionaries gotta have the poverty mentality? Don't tell that to Dave Jones.

    I'm not even kidding. I thought the second photo was beautiful, but oh, they're all just...I am speechless.

  3. great pictures! i miss love feasts and you!

  4. As with the others, the pictures are awesome. Sarah, you really ought to do something with your photography professionally. It's a beautiful gift and blessing, thank you for always adding gorgeous pictures to your blog.

    Just a couple of Texans... eek!


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