One month down!

Well a month has come and gone since we arrived back in Chile, I can't believe how quickly the time went. It feels like so much time has gone by and at the same time hardly any at all... As I've mentioned before we have quite the multi-cultural group so it's cool to see them really come together as a team and to see the group begin to open up little by little. We are so happy to walk alongside them during this school. It can be very stressful, healing, challenging, impacting, growing, and amazing all at the same time. We had our experience with our DTS 3 years ago and so we can understand a lot of the things they are going through.

Aaron and I taught a 3 hour class on brokenness this last Friday and it went very well. We challenged them to really be honest with themselves and to be willing to bring up past wounds and circumstances and to let those things be healed in ther lives. Students have been coming to us on their own time to talk more about it and so we have been having some great times of discipleship and councelling at our house. It's been really cool for Aaron and I to help people in this area of wholeness and to see God work in this way in people's lives.

I will also be teaching this Thursday on finances which can be a pretty heavy (and delicate) topic as well so if you could keep me in prayer that would be much appreciated!

We will be heading out to the city of Vina del Mar in 2 weeks for a one week outreach. We will be working with a church during that time. Please pray for preparations that need to take place and that this time would be a great experience for the team and that we would be a blessing and leave a good impact on the church and the city.

Thanks to those of you who are walking with us on our own journey here in South America, God has really been growing something in us during our time here. We appreciate the emails and updates and encouragements from those of you back at home. Ciao!


  1. oh, wow. i did not know that you and aaron were teachers in the DTS! that's so wonderful.thanks for updating, sarah! i/your readers do appreciate it. =)


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