Well, this last weekend was Aaron’s 25th birthday so we celebrated by going to dinner at this great little restaurant on the beach. The patio was complete with a hammock and everything so we took a little break between courses. It was a really fantastic evening; we walked in the park and met with some friends afterwards as well. The next day we took the bus to Santiago to spend the day with a very good friend of ours. It was so wonderful to see him again and he took us to this beautiful park and you can climb up these stairs and see this beautiful view of the city! It was nice to have such a refreshing weekend.

I can’t believe that it is already February. Time really flies you know? This month brings us Valentines day among other things: 3 birthdays for our niece and two nephews, an anniversary for one of the couples on the DTS on which they will be renewing their vows, 2 morning lectures that Aaron and I will be teaching, and a one week outreach to Viña del Mar with the group.

So it is a good month coming up filled with some exciting things. The DTS continues to go well. We just finished with a really impacting teaching on grace and the work of the cross which really brought new truths to the students lives. One of our big focuses is to continue developing our Spanish. Our DTS group is made up of 4 “English” speakers and 8 “Spanish” speakers (though not necessarily their first language.) We really want to effectively communicate and to be available to all of our students and not just to a third of them so we’re really striving and working in this area and so far it’s been going very well. I've been translating here and there and Aaron has really improved as well.


  1. what kind of digital camera do you have, sarah?

  2. It is a Canon Rebel

    I just got it for Christmas and I love love love it!


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