Halfway Through!

It is hard to believe that we are already half way through the outreach! I really enjoyed our last week. The group was split into two teams to work with two different churches. Our group of 6 worked with a church called “Casa de Alfarero” (The Potter’s House.) It is located in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Arica and is known for its drug traffic, prostitution and violence. This really was a highlight of our time here. We were so blessed by the Pastor and his family and their passion for this area. Because the group was separated there was only one interpreter for each team. I was a little nervous at first to be alone but I was able to improve so much and it went really smoothly for me.

This week we are all together again and working with a couple who are pioneering a YWAM base here in the city. We are putting a lot of our focus on mercy ministries, going to children’s homes, orphanages, and we will also be spending all of Saturday in a “barrio pobre” (poor neighborhood) To give out clothes and put on a program for the kids. This couple has really helped us during our whole time here in Arica, setting up connections with the churches and ministries within the city and checking up on us from time to time. So now it is nice to get a chance to work together with them this week. Aaron and I are staying at their house and I had my first hot shower in… a month! A nice bonus for us to say the least.

Next week we will be traveling south 10 hours to Antofagasta for the second half of the outreach. Please pray for safety as we travel and for perseverance and strentgh for the final few weeks.


  1. Hello, Ortegas!

    While at SOMD, you may have noticed that when I walked, my right foot was a bit crooked and my left shoulder a somewhat slanted. Well, not anymore! I was prayed for on Saturday the 28th of April and was healed!

  2. I am enjoying your blog, which I randomly happened upon one day. Thanks for the posts and the updates on your ministry.

  3. Hey S & A,

    just wanted to say what up! cant wait till you come home. There are lots of people asking for you 2. so be ready for lots of hugs and new friendships. I am blessed by your blog just seeing you both laboring for the Lord is awesome. You both inspire me and others to keep striving. so thanks for the swesome pics and info that goes down. Love you both

  4. Hey S&A: It was great to chat on Sunday with you Sarah. Our move is going great, box-by-box; it's great to have access to the garage. We'll sort out your stuff after we move in. We plan to attend a local church out in Millarville area. We pray that God leads us to the right one. At the closest one, the pastor also heads up the YWAM base in Turner Valley. Much love,,,, Pa


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