Comings and Goings

Well in about two hours we will be on a bus to Santiago and on our way to a few deserved days rest before we take off to Ecuador. It is a little weird to leave this little surf town on central coast Chile, it has been a home to us for a long time. After everything that has happened it is hard to believe that our chapter in South America is coming to a close. It has been a great journey with a lot of memories. I am getting used to the fact that we will be coming home soon, not just for a visit but to stay. We have spent the majority of our marriage pretty mobile so I am looking forward to just living in one place for a while and being close to family. It is going to be a good summer. My parents just bought their tickets to come visit us in Cali. We want to take them to Mexico for tacos. (:

We had the DTS graduation on Saturday. It was a really nice closure to the 6 months that we have spent as a team. Afterwards we celebrated with a typical Chilean asado (BBQ.) It is always hard to say goodbye and leave people especially when you have gone through so much together but Aaron and I were talking last night about our travels and the constant comings and goings that we have gotten accustomed to. You learn to just accept that these people are in your lives for a time and then you move on to the next place and you make new relationships. And that is how I feel, I am a little sad to go but I know that this was a place that God called us to for a time and now I am excited for what is ahead of us.


  1. "You learn to just accept that these people are in your lives for a time and then you move on to the next place and you make new relationships."

    But of course, since there is Myspace, Blogger, Xanga, Facebook...e-mail, and those really cool things called cell phones, I'm sure you'll keep up with friends you've made, Sarah and Aaron. Even if you don't want to, there will be a buncha kids who'll be like,

    "Man, the Ortegas were flippin' awesome. I wonder what they're up to..."

  2. That is the same way as the military. You have people come and go and enjoy them while they are there with you. I here ya sister! I'm excited for you guys to spend the summer with your families, it'll be great. Please let me know when you're planning on starting immigration so I can give you some tricks we have learned along the way, things you learn by doing. Are you guys staying in ministry or settling down for a while to plant some roots? Maybe a baby? That would be cool. Anyway, much love to you guys. Let me know!



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