Our time in Ecuador has flown! We arrived (finally) and were never happier to see some familiar faces. Aaron’s parents along with a group were also here for a week to work with a couple that started a church here. We joined with them for the ministries and outreaches that they did here in the city. It was so nice to spend time with them and share our experiences and stories from Chile.

The group left for California on Monday and that left us with a few days for ourselves to relax and explore the city. We also had a friend traveling with us that we met in Chile and it was nice to have some extra time with her before she goes back to Toronto.

I am finding that this is a hard chapter in our lives to end. We have spent the majority of our married lives in South America and even from the time when we were dating we have been praying and seeking God about coming here. Now that it is over it just feels hard to leave behind I guess.

I am really glad that we had some time in Ecuador. I have to say we have really enjoyed Guayaquil, it is a beautiful city and I can’t get enough platanos which they eat here all the time. It reminds me of Costa Rica because we ate those with every meal over there as well.before going to California. It has been a great opportunity to just be able to exit from Chile and have two weeks to process and reflect before we enter what lies ahead of us. I think we would have been really overwhelmed to just re-enter right away so this time has been a blessing.

We will be making the journey home tomorrow. We have an overnight in the Miami airport and then it’s off to LA the next day. Every time we’ve gone to Cali it has just been for visits so I’m not sure if it has hit me that we will actually be staying there. I am looking forward to it anyways and we’ll see what happens next.


  1. Gorgeous pictures, as usual. =)

  2. Sarah and Aaron.
    We have prayed for your time in South America and will continue to pray for God's leading in this new season of your marriage and ministry in CA. We love you...and your pictures!!
    Murray and Lorrie


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