Hello So Cal!

Well, we've made it to California and we've been here for a little more than a week now. It was a little bit of a culture shock at first but we are feeling pretty good now. July sure is a busy month but definitely full of good things! We even started our first week with a lot going on.

We first went to Palm Springs for two days with Aaron's parents and our niece and nephews to relax and hang out with them. We also been apartment hunting and we actually did find a nice place that will be available next month! We also went to a wedding in the OC and had a birthday party for one of our nephews. Aaron also preached this Sunday at the Spanish church and I also shared something about or experience in Chile (in Spanish) Whew!

This Saturday my parents will be flying in for a one-week visit. We'll be going to the San Diego area for a few days with them. I am really excited because I haven't seen them since Christmas time. Then at the end of the month we will be going on a family vacation with Aaron's family maybe to Oregon for some camping.

It has been so great to see our family and our friends and to catch up with them. It will be nice to actually stay in one place for a while and make some roots and deeper friendships here. I am feeling good here although it is definitely different to our life in South America!


  1. Be blessed, Aaron and Sarah. You two are a blessing to many people.

  2. YAAAA.....they are home and we are enjoying them.

  3. i am so glad you guys made it home safe and can't wait to hear about what God is going to do in and through you in cali! love you guys!

  4. sara, did you change your hair color??? cause it looks gorgeous!!!


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