Lake Tahoe

We just got back from our week at Lake Tahoe with the Ortega family, all 9 of us!! (Would be 10 but Aaron's brother-in-law wasn't able to make it because of work) The vacation was a lot of fun and consisted of bike-riding, hiking, boating, gondola riding, water-skiing, water-tubing, movie watching, ski-doing, sunset sailboat cruising, and beach lounging. Life is rough eh? Anyways, I am happy that we are able to spend more time with our beautiful niece and nephews now that we sticking around California for a while and this week we sure had a blast with them. I also had fun taking pictures and testing out my new lens (as you can see from all the pictures I put on here...)

Now that we are back (and there are no more family vacations in sight) we can get a little more situated into our life in So Cal. We will be moving into our apartment next week and I am really eager to set up house and have a place of our own. (Finally!) We will also have the time to get to work with the church. Aaron will be preaching on Sundays and teaching classes, I am doing the office and administrative stuff and together we will be starting a college age group. Aaron and I were taking a walk in the forest one morning this week and discussing how we want this college group to work. We have a lot of ideas and vision and we are really excited to get this thing started.

So all in all, July was a good month for us. We were gone for most of it but we got the chance to relax and spend time with both our families. I am very ready to get started though and I just want that feeling of yes this is my home and this is what we are doing. With all the traveling around it still doesn't really feel like it. Right now I'm like ok let's do this, I'm ready to jump in. So hopefully that's what August will look like for us, getting started on our projects, settling into our own place and also an arrived sense of "this is our home"... for now.


  1. Hey Sars,
    I like the pics - especially the B&W of the kids sitting on the pier.
    love you!

  2. I miss Tahoe! I loved living there! Glad you guys had a great time and things will turn out awesome as you start to settle down. Did you get a work visa so you can work? If you did, I'd love to know how you got it so fast! =0) New pictures are great!


  3. gorgeous photos, sarah!

  4. Hey Sarah and Aaron,
    I have 3 Starbuck cards burning a hole in my wallet. After you get settled and have earned some money, you will need to take another trip to the north country.

    All our love,
    Auntie Doozan and the gang

  5. Great work Sarah. I can see you all had a blast out there. Its been a pleasure, and I cant wait for our friendship to grow =)

    Annette Villanueva


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