A week with the folks

It has been a wonderful week with my parents. They flew in to sunny So Cal on Saturday and it was so good to see them!! We made our way down the 101 to San Diego area on Monday. There's something about driving down a road that hugs the coast... It was a very relaxing week; laying on the beach, watching surfers take on the waves, reading a good book, getting a killer tan, and taking a iced latte break here and there. In the afternoons we would go explore one of the little beach towns in the area and check out all the independent shops and enjoy a nice dinner. Fantastic. We said goodbye to my parents on Thurday night and usually I don't cry at goodbyes (since we seem to go through so many) but I have to confess that I was really sad to see them go and I cried a little... ok a lot.

So speaking of good books I happened to pick up "Irresistible Revolution" by Shane Claiborne for the trip. An easy add to my list of favorites. This guy is amazing, he kind of has a Donald Miller writing style and he's a little cheeky which I like. His views and commentary of Christianity and the church are brilliant and unsettling. Here is one of the ideas I liked.

"Emilie Durkheim, the classic forefather of sociology, wrote extensively about "totemism," the human tendancy to form our conception of God in our own image. He said that oftantimes what human beings do is take the values and traditions we most admire about ourselves and project them onto a totem. Eventually we stand in awe of that totem and end up worshipping an incarnation of the things we love about ourselves. As George Bernard Shaw said, "God created us in his image and we decided to return the favor." We create a Western conception of the Mediterranean peasant revolutionary who lived two thousand years ago, whom we can relate to and who cares about what we care about (eats at McDonalds and votes Republican)."

Anyways, love it, recommend it, it will ruin you so beware.
So, we will be taking off again tomorrow this time to Lake Tahoe in Nevada with Aaron's family for vacation. (Did I say that when we came to California we were going to make some roots and not be mobile for a while because funny, I'm feeling more mobile than ever!) Anyways, that will be a fun trip with the Ortegas. Another little thing I am excited about... We are making a stop in Vegas on our way home to visit my sister and brother-in-law who happen to be there on their vacation. So as you can see the fun never stops... at least during July, come August 1st and that's it for us ladies and gentlemen, on go the working gloves. OK that's all for now, laundry and packing awaits!


  1. One of these days, I'm hoping to fly back out to California. Perhaps for a vacation.Maybe there will be time to hang out with you two, Aaron and Sarah. Ya'll really cool...letting people in on what God's doing in your lives 'n stuff. I am happy that you will be spending time with your families. It's gonna be a good one...


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