Day at the Spa

Today was such a wonderful day!! I feel so relaxed and pampered. ahhh.... Aaron and I went to the spa today with his parents and thoroughly enjoyed the mineral baths, roman tubs, saline pools, floating pools, steam rooms, and most of all the mud baths. There's nothing like loading yourself up with red clay and then laying out in the sun. I also had the best massage of my life and then a great dinner to follow at the Cheesecake Factory. Now that is how to spend a day off!

Sometime within the next few weeks we are hoping to make a trip up to Pismo Beach on the good old central coast to visit our wonderful friend Cindy for a couple days. I cannot wait to see her! September is looking to be a good month. As I've mentioned before we're moving into our new place, we have a wedding in Texas which also includes seeing some long lost friends, and to top it all off, in first two weeks of the month we already have 4 BBQ's lined up! Looks like everyone is trying to squeeze one last one in before Summer comes to a close. (which is hard to imagine with this 38-40 degree weather!! (100-104 for the lovely American readers.)

In the last few blogs I have continued to talk about this process we are going through of settling into our lives here and the change and the adjustments we are facing. I realize now more than ever what a huge mark Chile left on us. Don't get me wrong, we are so happy here and I have had so much joy sharing some great moments with our friends here; but part of me still longs for all of those journeys and adventures overseas. Here is something I found that made a lot of sense to me:
"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another." -Anatole France
Change is hard and that process of dying to and putting aside our life in Chile is difficult but it is something we must do in order to enter into our life here. And I don't think that this longing will ever leave but if that is our focus and the thing that occupies our minds then we will never be able to be fully present now.


  1. I agree that change is hard, especially with what you have done, Aaron and Sarah. Let's not forget that ya'll did the SOMD before that, too. With that in mind, I ask if you two have spent a few days alone since you've come back and settled because that is healthy. The "processing", although foreign to those who haven't gone on missions trips for long periods of times, is great...maybe you have already. kudos.

    The Cheesecake Factory is wondeful.
    A couple of weeks ago, I went there with a family from church for a Praise Jesus party. The food was yum yum delish.

  2. wait... are Eric and I the long lost friends? WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
    I am a two year old.

  3. hey sarah!
    i hear you that the transition is hard.. especially when the faces, smells and culture of another place has captured your heart! the thought (for me) of being back in NA for 7+ years come next september feels slightly unbearable at the moment, but lucky for us we have a God who is fully in control, and has set out our paths that we must merely walk by faith in them.
    i'm so glad that you can be surrounded by family right now... and I am sure that many things are being counted as joy... even thought the change is weighing heavily on you! you are in my thoughts and prayers today...

  4. My friend Sarah,
    I know things have been odd or difficult in this time of change for you and Aaron but rest assured that although you may not be overseas you both have made a huge impact on certain lives here in the states. You are both really appreciated and have made a big difference. Mike and I really enjoy having such wonderful,down to earth,heaven sent friends to share things with and share discussions with. You are both really wonderful and personally I feel God chose the perfect timing in my life to bring such a friend into my life.But then again the God we serve knows what he is doing long before we do! I love you


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