There goes Summer...

Well, it has been quite a while since an update of any sorts. We have definitely taken on the busy California life and things have been on the go for us. Aaron has been preaching almost every Sunday on a series he is doing about building community. As for me, I am trying my hand at professional photography. I have begun selling some matted and framed photos from our travels and I have also been helping out and working with a good friend who has his own photography business. So far I am loving it and I am excited to see where this goes.

As Summer is coming to an end we are feeling more settled and are getting accustomed to the idea of living here. After a month and a half of being here though I have to say that I've put some South American living behind us. The absence of stray dogs and dirt roads is no longer strange to me, going to the market and buying meat in nice styrofoam and saran wrap packaging doesn't seem so suspiciously easy, I am not looking for my scrubber brush and clothes pins on laundry day, and even putting toilet paper in the toilet is becoming quite a normal concept these days. Imagine that!
This month we had some fun things going on. I enjoyed a needed day at the spa with some girlfriends. I especially enjoyed the mud bath portion of the day. We also went out with some friends to a Cuban restaurant in the OC and to Downtown Disney. Next month we are going to our friend's wedding in Dallas. We will also be able to see some good friends and some of Aaron's college buddies. September will also be the start of our college ministry, "1828." As for our apartment, unfortunately there were some complications and it will instead be ready the first of the month. So we are still not moved in yet but it is coming soon and boy are we ready! So we will definitely be letting you know how all that goes. Until then, enjoy your last bit of Summer!


  1. woo hoo! Dallas here you two come!

  2. oh dallas is so much closer to atlanta but still so far away! i miss you!

  3. What's the significance of "1828"?

  4. We actually got the name from the age bracket we'll be working with 18-28.

    We had been wrestling to come up with a name and we had a friend over one night and he came up with 1828 and we really liked it because it was simple and different. So that was that.

  5. It would be so cool if one night you guys scheduled 1828 fellowship time at 6:28 pm. =)


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