To Own a Dragon

We have finally moved in to our brand new apartment! We've been there for a full week now and we absolutely love it. We are really happy to have finally moved in and get our stuff all set up (and all my photography on the walls!) So that has definitely been the highlight of the week. Lately I have been reading "To Own a Dragon: Reflections on growing up without a Father" by Donald Miller. Now I know you are probably thinking if this is a book written for guys who grew up without dads then what are you doing reading it? Well you see, I love Donald Miller's writing so I thought I would give the book a try anyways. It turns out that I really enjoyed it, I have been reading all week and I am already almost finished. I really recommend it even if you don't fit the targeted audience, you will still enjoy the humorous writing and Donald's observations and comments on his own journey.


  1. Glad you guys are settling in okay, it's very exciting to finally have a place of your own ain't it? Do you have everything you need? I highly recommend Vonage for your phone service b/c it is so cheap and reliable, you just need high speed internet to have it. We have had it for over a year and we love it. Very budget friendly. How long do you guys think you'll be in Cali for? Please email me your address when you can. Praying for ya!

  2. P.S. this new blogger comment is me, Jess!

  3. That tree looks like a dragon!!
    Come visit me!!

  4. smaries...where have you been? no skype? no emails? do you have internet at your new apartment? Write me!

    I miss you seester.



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