Welcome to Dallas

We arrived on Tuesday night to Dallas. It was kinda funny, I realized that I have never been on a domestic flight. With all the flying we've done it's all been oversees and I have to say it was a relief to not have to fill out the country entry form or even go through customs. Fantastic. We had a good friend pick us up from the airport, the talented Mr. Paul Bruno from New York whom we haven't seen since our wedding in Canada. We had a great evening with him and yesterday Aaron and I went to a beautiful park, grabbed a starbucks and walked around some shops, then for dinner we met up with two guys that we did our DTS with in Costa Rica (what like 3 years ago?) It was unbelievable! we had so much fun with John and Eric and we laughed all night. After that we met up with some people at Cafe Brasil and then (no folks, it's not done yet) we went to drop in to see a friend of Aaron's "for a 15 minute visit" which actually lasted until 1:30am. Now that was a full but enjoyable day.

Aaron lived out here in Dallas for 2 years while he was going to Bible College (CFNI) so that's why he has so many friends out here and also why we came a few days early, so we can try and see some of them. Later this morning we will be picking up the rest of the crew from California. So we'll be hanging out with them the next two days. Tomorrow night is the wedding and Aaron is a groomsman and I am one of the photographers. I am very excited but a little nervous. The photographer I am working with just told me to be ready to be crazy busy! Alright that's all for now...


  1. I know! haha. I had one of those impulsive moments and there I was in-front of the bathroom mirror with a pair of $.99 cent scissors from Target. I kinda enjoy them to change things up a little but I'll probably grow them out eventually.


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