80's night

Last night we had a great event with our college age group, 1828. Yes we did it, thats right folks, we paid homage to the wonderful decade of the eighties. Leg warmers, acid wash jeans, head bands, crimped hair and side ponytails, we saw it all come out last night. We had some fun with eighties karaoke (Aaron did a wonderful rendition of "tears for fears") And what eighties party would be complete without a dance-off?? Aaron and I were nominated for best dancing (yes!) It was really fun to see everyone dressed up and even our decorating crew went all out. Each wall represented a different category from the eighties, movies, music, candy, toys, vocabulary... and each table had a different center piece, from alf and trolls to rubix cubes and lional richie albums.. ha! What a good night!

Last weekend we had a good visit with our friend, Cindy, who drove down from Pismo Beach. I've known Cindy since I was like 12 or something and we've been best friends for many years so it was especially a good to see her after almost a year. This weekend she is coming back for a few more days and bringing her sister-in-law from Canada who is here visiting her. It will be fun to have them here and show them around. A little Chinese Mann's Theatre, maybe some Disneyland, and throw in Santa Monica Pier and Venice beach... Fantastic.

At the end of the month, Aaron will be going to Ecuador with a group of pastors for ten days. I am happy that he is going but not so excited about being alone! We haven't been apart for more than... a day so this will be a long stretch. Anyways that's all for now!


  1. I love these pictures.You really capture the moment with all your pics. I know you took one of mike and I so can you email it? Love you
    Love Brandi

  2. Dude you guys look hilarious


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