Food Drive

On Saturday we had a pretty busy day! We started out with a Thanksgiving community celebration at the church. In the morning we put together 119 grocery bags of food to give away. While we were packing bags, others were preparing a Thanksgiving feast for the neighborhood.

It was really great to see everyone come together to help out. Aaron and I had to leave early so that we could attend the grand opening of a studio that now belongs to the photographer that I work for. This has been his dream for a long time so we are so happy for him. We had time to grab a quick lunch and then Nathan (the photographer) and I had an engagement shoot in the afternoon. We had a lot of fun with the couple and we are looking forward to their wedding in May. I will definitely post some pictures from our afternoon with Kevin and Nicole this week.

Right after the photo shoot we went with Aaron's parents to a silent auction fundraiser for a family who is moving to Tanzania. It was a great day but by the time we finally got home I was ready to fall into bed!

This week we have Thanksgiving and we also only have one month left until we will be in Canada! I can't wait!! It has been a year since I have been "home." I can't wait to see the snow and be cold. Here we are in mid-November and it's still in the high 20's (75-80F) Wearing shorts in November is just wrong...