Christmas time is here...

Christmas time is definitely here! This last week we had a Christmas luncheon, a Christmas Gala, a night of seeing Christmas lights and even Christmas family pictures! I am glad to say that all my shopping is done and we are ready to go! We have only 3 days left to go until we are in Canada! This means that we will be having our Ortega Christmas on Wednesday, the day before we leave. I am really excited to see some snow, go sledding, skating, and see my parents new house in the country. They moved while we were in South America so we will be coming home to a totally different and new home. I am really looking forward to a country Christmas. From what I hear they get quite a few visits from moose and other wildlife on their front yard. 

It has been interesting setting up our life here in California. As funny as it sounds, I sometimes feel like I am more comfortable with dirt roads and stray dogs and exotic food and foreign languages... However, in the 6 months that we have been here (has it already been half a year!??) I have realized how nice it is to stay in one place, considering how nomadic our lives have been for most of our marriage. All the other times I have been in California it has just been for visits one or two weeks at a time so it has been nice to stick around and develop relationships with the people here. I have enjoyed it and I can truthfully say that I am happy here. I don't think I see us here forever but while we are here, during this chapter, I am content.

So, the next time you hear from me I will be in Canada and hopefully the next blog will include some moose pics!


  1. Hi Y'all

    We are excited that you will soon be here for the Christmas holidays!
    It is chinooking here right now but I think we can manage a white Christmas with some "-" temperatures for you both to enjoy!
    Ironically we are heading down to Florida for the holidays but will see you before and after we get back.
    Love Aunty Trish( Uncle Jim,Paul and Shanell)
    Shanellis skating outside right now at +5C temp.


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