Home for Christmas

We are finally here! We arrived to Calgary on Thursday evening and we were greeted at the airport by my parents. We were also greeted by the icy cold snowy weather! We made our way to Millarville, a small town in the country to see my parents new home. They have a beautiful piece of land with an 80 acre backyard complete with a big creek. 

Yesterday I went with my mom into Calgary to do a few things. In the evening we met up with my sister, Jill who I haven't seen in a year! I was so happy to see her and her beautiful 3 month baby bump. That's right, I am going to be an auntie! So we did some last minute shopping in the crazy busy malls and then we enjoyed some edamame and shrimp rolls and talked and laughed.

Today my parents took us on a tour of their land. We bundled up and trudged through the snow for an hour an a half and even then we only saw about half of the property! It's wonderful and quiet out here and gorgeous. We had a great hike. I can see why my parents love it so much out here.

Tomorrow we will visit my parent's new church in the morning and then Jill and Darren and Dakota and Ben and Cindy (sister, brother-in-law, dog, brother, best friend) will be joining us out in the country for the annual tradition of "the everyone sleep under the Christmas tree lallapalooza." It's quite the event. The tradition also includes gingerbread house making and decorating, holiday movie watching, and french toast eating.

We still have 12 more days and it's going to be great. We are really enjoying our time here...