Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! We hope that everyone is having a wonderful day with their families. Last night we went to the Christmas Eve candle light service at church and then we all went to the house and had snacks and played the funniest game ever called "things..." We laughed and laughed.  I think I will buy one for ourselves to bring home to California, it was just too much fun. We watched a movie and then as per tradition we all slept in the living room under the tree and this morning we opened our presents and then made gingerbread trains. It has been great being able to spend this Christmas with my family and to have a white Christmas too! The next few days include Turkey at Grandma's, a hockey game and a trip to Banff, it should be fun!


  1. Had a blast watching you play Telepath with the cousins. You guys seem soooooo happy. Nice to have you "home" for awhile.

    Love Auntie Duzan

  2. we miss you......hey love your outfit


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