Oliver & Naomi - Wedding

On Saturday we had the privilege of capturing Oliver and Naomi's wedding day. They were the sweetest couple! Naomi is one of those people who you just love right away and Oliver is such a gentleman. We had a blast working with them and it was beautiful to see how in love they were. They got married in one of my favorite spots, downtown Redlands, and then we took some pictures at University of Redlands. It was definitely a great day.

As for us, we are out of here in 10 days! I am ready to trade in the palm trees for the snow. Any other time I would appreciate and welcome the sunny South California climate but at Christmas time it just needs to be cold and snowy! I can't wait to be with my family. Also, I want to thank everyone who has been praying for Aaron's mom. She got out of ICU and came home last week and now she is just resting and getting her strength back, she is doing great.

Enjoy the pictures, let me know what you think!

*These images were captured while second-shooting for Garza Photography

moments before walking down the aisle


  1. Well- I'll be the first to comment. Great photos Sarah! Keep living the dream. That is- getting bank for what you love to do! Love you kids and have a wonderful time with your family out in western provinces.

    Can't wait to see Christmas photos.
    Love Amanda

  2. miss you guys! i just finished my finals and i was really needing one of those "reading days" (a.k.a. slacker days) that you always used to have!


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