Precious feet

Today I took some family pictures. No, there wasn't any matching sweaters or tacky poses. These pictures were more on the non-traditional side of things and involved only a good scrub with a pumice stone. These are the feet of my brother and sister-in-law and their four gorgeous kids. I had a fun time with them and their... feet.

Well, the countdown to Canada is on. We will be arriving the 20th of this month. I cannot believe it has been a whole year since I have been in Calgary and now we are just a little more than two weeks away. Today it was 30C!! (86F) This is December right?? It sure doesn't feel like it! Well, it looks like in 2 weeks we will soon be putting a "-" in front of that 30 but I am very excited to be with my family for the holidays despite the coooold weather!

This week has been a little on the emotional side. Aaron's mom has been in the ICU since Sunday. It was a scary morning but we were relieved to find out that she was suffering from some bleeding ulcers (not that something like that is exactly the best of news but it could have been a lot worse.) She lost a lot of blood and so they still have her on close observation. They have given her a few blood transfusions but her most recent blood count was still only 7.8 so they may give her a few more pints yet. Please pray for a healthy recovery and that she regains her strength soon. It is amazing how something like this can remind you how precious the people in our lives really are and how important it is to appreciate every moment.


  1. Those are some flippin tight feet.................

  2. amazing pics sarah. you are quite the gal! and thanks for your comments on my blog... so encouraging to hear from you!
    I hope your time in canada is fantastic! I can't imagine being in that cold right now either... but do enjoy every second of it for all of us who can't!
    crazy about Aaron's ma... you are all in my thoughts today :)
    be blessed.


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