Swap Meet

We had a great weekend. On Saturday I went with Aaron's mom and sister and her four kids to Orange County. They have a swap meet in Costa Mesa that I love to go to! They have rows and rows of little shops set up that sell all kinds of things from vintage clothing and furniture to fruit and paintings. I had a really fun afternoon with them walking around and checking out all the fun shops.

Last night Aaron and I went out for dinner with some friends of ours and we ended up sitting there and talking for three hours! I had to look at my watch twice because I couldn't believe it was already 10:00! I love when that happens though, when time flies like that.

Aaron is off to LA right now to pick up his dad who is returning back from Nicaragua. He was invited to go by a friend who planted a church down there. We missed him and it will be good to have him back.

Well, that's about it for now, I'm off to go run some errands. ciao!


  1. Wow the picture of the dog is super cute. Im sure his parents are proud.

  2. We sure would like to have some of that gorgeous fruit in Canada!!

  3. i'd like to have a pinapple like that =)
    sounds like you had a good time too!!


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