The Backyard... Part II

Well, I had a free afternoon so I decided to have another go at capturing everyday objects. I have to say, I really enjoy random photography. 

Anyways, we are going to pick up Amanda in a few hours. So far we haven't gotten anymore emails or phone calls from her so I am assuming that this is a good sign and that her flights today haven't been delayed or cancelled. 

Everyone (and I mean everyone) has been sick for the last couple of weeks. Somehow I had managed to elude any signs of sickness and I was beginning to think that I was in the clear... until this morning. All of a sudden, sore throat, runny nose, the works. I told Aaron that I felt like I had been run over by a car. He said, "What?? you feel like a rental car? That's funny, what does it feel like?" Ahh congestion...


  1. I like the tricycle photo the best, Sarah. And I a wee bit jealous that these "random" pics look so amazing. Perhaps because I have been trying to take pictures at home these days. So far, I've taken shots of cookies I've made.

    I don't remember if I ever gave you a recipe for oatmeal Craisin and chocolate chip cookies so I am going to send one now to your gmail. Prepare to be even more famous. I'm not kidding...

  2. Ha Ha rental car! That gave me a good laugh!!


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