flight delays...

Well, we were supposed to pick up our friend Amanda from LAX late last night. She called us yesterday morning to say that her flight in Buffalo had been cancelled. No worries though, she was guaranteed another flight that would get her to LA in the morning...

Amanda contacted us again to say that the guaranteed flight was not so guaranteed after all and so she was spending the night in Buffalo and would be flying down to Atlanta the next day and then on to LA later that evening. So hopefully we will be seeing her tonight!!

Last night we had our 1828 Valentine's dinner. Everyone was all dressed up and we had a great evening.


  1. Hope your friend makes it okay! What a drama! I sometimes forget how bad the weather can get up north! I was thinking that you should do photos of your apartment and show us where you live! I'd love to see both the pictures and how you take them, I think it would be really interesting! My own photography has been limited since I don't have the camera gear I want (soon to change though), but you inspire me with your photos! Your choice of subject, angles and perspectives, it's just inspiring to see the world through your perspective. I looked up the camera you have and am really impressed with it. I have been wanting an dSLR for some time and so far the one you said you have is the forerunner on which one I want to get, based on specs and by seeing your photos I know what it's capable of. I wish you guys weren't so far away, it would be great to be able to hang out. Anyway, hope your friend gets in safe and sound and you have a fun weekend!! ~Jess


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