San Diego

We had the greatest day yesterday. We drove down to San Diego in the morning which is just over an hour and a half from us. I love San Diego, it has to be one of my most favorite areas. I had only seen a tiny part of it so I was really excited to see more! We started our day at Balboa Park which is ridiculously gorgeous! There was unbelievable architecture, fountains, gardens, ponds, bridges... the list goes on! This is one of my top places to walk around and explore. It is huge and there is lots to see. we had a nice lunch, grabbed a coffee and then we drove down the coast to Cabrillo National Monument. There was an old light house, tide pools, and a nice view of the ocean. We climbed down the rocks, kicked off our sandals and let the waves rush over our feet. After walking around the cliffs for a while we headed to Old Town to meet up with My pastors from Canada, Murray and Lorrie. They are in San Diego this week for a pastor's conference.

We love this couple and we were really excited to spend the evening with them. We walked around for a while, looked at some shops and then we had a nice dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Great conversation, great food, great people! We were so encouraged by them and it was the perfect end to a great day.

We have a couple more visits coming up this month! Next week our friend Kelly from Atlanta will be coming to see us for a few days. We met her in Costa Rica 4 years ago and she is a dear friend. Also next week we will be going to Palm Desert to spend a day with Grandpa John and Margaret (my dad's dad.) They are spending a month down here to escape the last part of winter in Canada. They have never really met Aaron (just at the wedding) so it will be really nice for them to get to know him. Last but not least. Our great friend Cindy will be coming down mid-March with a group of her students from YWAM Pismo Beach to put on an event for our college group.

Looks like it is going to be a good month and we are excited to see everyone!!


  1. Hello Dears,

    I REALLY like the candid photos of you Aaron. Handsome Devil. Haven't seen these kind in awhile.

    Sarah - TAKE ME TO SAN DIEGO! What are you doing wearing a sun dress without stockings?! It is -9 (15 degrees for you USAians) right now and DRY. It's sunny at least! Love you. Misssss you.


  2. I wish I could come down there and escape from the Canadian winter!



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