Three friends from Chile

Amanda has finally arrived!! Our long lost friend from Chile... She got here late Saturday night and we have had a great start to the week. On Sunday two of our very close friends from Chile came to visit us as well. (what are the odds eh?) Ray and Susan live in South Carolina but they were in the Palm Springs area to visit Ray's parents. It was so amazing to see them! We all had some great Mexican food together at Aaron's parents house after church.

On Monday we went to Universal Studios with Aaron's parents and our nephews and niece. It was so fun! Neither of us had ever been there before so it was new to everybody. We took a tour that showed us different sets that they use in movies. There was a european town, a western town, a mexican town, a subway station, and even the set of "the war of the worlds" when the plane crashes into the neighborhood. They show you how they do floods and earthquakes and rain and explosions... it was really cool. It was an awesome day. After a long day, the "suegros" and the "sobrinos" headed back home and Aaron, Amanda and I had a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant on the city walk.

Yesterday we had more of a relaxed day. We slept in, had a nice breakfast, and then walked around downtown Redlands and had a coffee. Aaron wasn't feeling too well in the evening so me and Amanda did a little shopping and I introduced her to Target and Ross... haha. Actually, Aaron and I have both been fighting really bad colds. My voice was completely gone for 2 days! It's a little better now but we are both still coughing and sneezing all day... Thank goodness I found Buckley's at the grocery store. I couldn't believe I found it here in the States. Buckley's is a cough medicine that tastes like garbage compost and makes you dry heave... but oh baby does it work!! Give it a try folks, you'll be hooked!

Anyways, today we are off to the Beach Cities. Santa Monica, Venice Beach and maybe Newport and Laguna if we have time. Should be good times...

Ray and Susan

The Jurassic Park Ride


The European Town Set

The War of the Worlds Set

Vincent as The Hulk (This is face paint!)

Downtown Redlands


  1. Other than your cold, it sounds like you had a maravilloso time!

    And man is the hulk mast cool =D


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