Flower Delivery!

So, I hear a knock on the door the other day, A guy hands me a big box, I sign on the dotted line and as he walks back to his truck I'm left with a curious look on my face. I wasn't expecting any packages... I'm at a loss for guesses at what the contents could possibly be or for that matter, who sent it. I open up the box and there is a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Still wondering who in the world sent us flowers, I look in the box for the card. It was our dear friend, Amanda!

It was so sweet and really made our day. We've never gotten flowers by the mail before and so it was really special. Thanks Mando!!

Well March is here and so is Spring! We are getting nice sunny days in the mid 20's (mid 70's) This is my favorite weather, not too hot, not too cold... now if only it would stay this way! I'm not a big fan of the summer when it goes over 100, way too hot for this Canadian! Tonight our friend Kelly, that we met in Costa Rica 4 years ago, will be coming to hang out with us for 2 days. I can't believe it's been that long! We are super excited to see her.


  1. The flowers are SO bright! Here in Canada it's starting to get warm too. ( if you consider plus 7 degrees Celsius warm!) Hope you have fun in Costa Rica!

    katie =^..^=


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