The Grand Canyon

I have to say, I am pretty blown away. Don't get me wrong, I always thought that the Grand Canyon would be a nice place to see but it wasn't exactly on my top ten. I'd seen pictures of the place and it looked pretty cool but I never had a strong desire to go see it for myself. When Aaron's family decided to come here for vacation I was excited of course. There was no doubt that it was a beautiful sight. I just didn't realize the extent of it's grandeur. Let me tell you now, no picture will ever do this place justice. It is one thing to look at a postcard of this massive canyon and quite another to take in the sight with your own eyes. There is a raw beauty and captivating majesty to this place that will never translate onto a photo. This is just on of those things that you simply have to see for yourself. Maybe that is why this is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

We started the day off early with a two-hour train ride to the canyon. Once we arrived and I got my first glimpse of the canyon, my jaw dropped! There is such an expansiveness to it like it just goes on forever. You immediately feel incredibly small. We hopped on a shuttle that took us to different view points of the canyon and then we walked around and just took it in. Just before it was about time to get back on the train we even saw a wild bobcat. What an amazing day!

Tomorrow we will be making our way back to California. It has been really nice to get away and enjoy such beautiful creation with family. I am so thankful...


  1. How did you get that bobcat picture?!?! So amazing!

    Katie =^..^=

  2. Hey Katie!
    I took the bobcat picture from a comfortably far enough distance with my telephoto lens so that's how I zoomed in so close. I'm not brave enough to get right in there, those teeth are sharp!

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