I love Mondays

I know that Monday may not be on the top of the list for favorite days of the week, but for Aaron and I it is the day we look forward to! For us, because we work at the church, Monday is our day off. We take this day for ourselves to relax, enjoy each other, and do the things we like to do. Sometimes this means spending an afternoon at Citrus Plaza; sipping a coffee and reading a book at Barnes and Nobles. Other times we'll go for a hike at Forest Falls or just stay at home and watch movies. Once in a while we try to drive an hour or two and get away for the day and go somewhere new.

I was chatting with a friend on Saturday night and she mentioned a beautiful place in Pasadena that she and her husband had gone to for his birthday. She showed me some of the pictures on her camera and at once I knew what I wanted to do on our Monday off! I love new places. Maybe it is the traveler in me, but I love exploring! I also love taking pictures (I know, not exactly new information...) You give me gardens and architecture and I can go at it for hours. The best part was that because I just got a new camera a few months ago, Aaron could use my other one and let his creative side flow a little too.

So yesterday we spent the day at "The Huntington" This place is huge! It has a library and multiple buildings filled with art collections. We visited none of the above and instead spent the whole afternoon outside in the dozen gardens which cover more than half of the 200 acre property. Each garden had a different theme: Desert, Japanese, Herb, Australian, Palm, Chinese, Rose, Subtropical, and Lily ponds. Everything was so gorgeous and it was perfect sunny weather too. We had a great time together; walking, talking, and taking loads of pictures! After the gardens we walked around Downtown Pasadena and had a nice dinner on the patio of The Yardhouse. Best day ever!!

How could I not love Mondays??


  1. oh my goodness! so pretty! it's on my list for next time!

  2. What kind of amazingly awesome camera do you use to take all your beautiful pictures, Sarah?

  3. Pasadena looks gorgeous (and even better with your photography skills!) I think I need to come to California :0) I miss you lady!

  4. As always SO enjoy yours pics - you have such life in them - I know anyone can take a pic but yours .......they just have that extra yumph to them

    Thanks for sharing and you guys look great as always - thanks for taking time out for each other - will keep your marriage strong for years to come!



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