Kelly's Visit

We had the best visit with our friend Kelly! We met Kelly in Costa Rica four years ago, the same time Aaron and I met each other too! She drove up to our little city of Mentone on Monday night. In the process she got a little lost and ended up in downtown LA! (which I totally can understand because the freeways here are pretty confusing.) Eventually she got here and we had a great time just catching up and talking late into the night.

On Tuesday Aaron left early to go golfing with his dad so it was just me and Kelly. We had a nice fancy breakfast of Cheerios and Mini Wheats, had a good chat and then we decided to go get a pedicure. On our way we stopped at the orange groves and the old bridge by our house for some pictures. Then we were off to the nail salon. It was glorious! I have not gotten a pedi in so long and I forgot how great it is. They even put your feet in a bag of hot paraffin wax which feels so good and makes your feet really soft. After getting pampered we met up with Aaron and walked around downtown Riverside. It is a beautiful area with lots of old buildings and great architecture. We had a nice lunch outside (taco tuesday!) and then we went to downtown Redlands to get a drink at our favorite coffee shop with the yellow chairs. We walked around and found a really cool amphitheater which I never even know existed!

We then made a stop at Aaron's parent's house where Kelly met the whole family. The kids absolutely loved her and wanted to show her all their toys and drawings and books. We had a great time playing guitar hero with the boys. We headed back to the apartment and had a great talk until one in the morning. It was one of those conversations that we will remember for a long time. This morning we said our goodbyes and now she is on her way back to Atlanta. Our short time with her was so... refreshing and fun! We loved having here here and hopefully it will not be another four years until we see her again.

On another note, while Kelly was here we both suggested... (ok, relentlessly pressured) Aaron to start up a blog. He finally caved in and here is is folks! Enjoy.


  1. i loved being there with you guys! thanks so much for your hospitality and love! can't wait to do it again soon! yeah to aaron for starting a blog! i am heading there now!


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