Laughlin, Nevada

It's been a great start to a great vacation. The guys went golfing early this morning and normally I would enjoy the few extra hours of sleep that a vacation entitles you to but I was wide awake at 6:30am... I decided to go outside and catch the sunrise over the Colorado River. It was worth it! It was a gorgeous sight and I got some great pictures!

The rest of the morning was spent at the pool; reading magazines and soaking up sun (a little too much sun according to my red shoulders.) After lunch Aaron and I went on a walk and then sat under the shade of some palm trees beside the river.

We decided to put a couple bucks in the slot machines just for fun and we ended up winning $114.25!! I couldn't believe it! I was definitely not expecting that...

We had a nice dinner with the family and then came back to the hotel. Tomorrow we are driving to the Grand Canyon and we will be there until Sunday. I can't wait to see that big beautiful hole in the ground!!


  1. Beautiful palm tree pictures! It must have been nice to win $114. A little surprise to make your day that much better!

    katie =D


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