Yesterday afternoon I was really in the mood to take some pictures so I grabbed my camera, hopped in the car and drove around until I found something cool. A while later I found myself in Yucaipa, the city next to us. I noticed a nice walking path next to the road and some nice hills so I pulled over and started to shoot. I had fun, I love this kind of thing. It is great to just get away for an hour and get creative.

This Wednesday we will be hitting the road and going on a mini family vacation to the Grand Canyon! None of us have ever been there and I am really looking forward to it. It should be loads of good times...


  1. beautiful pictures! i am jealous that you are going to the grand canyon! that is on my list of things to do while i am alive!

    p.s. i have only listened to phil wickham so far. i burned everything on to cd's and made the mistake of putting in phil first. now i can't bring myself to switch it up!

  2. Oooo....I can't wait to see your GC pics. You are undoubtedly one of my all time favourite photographers!!

  3. Aw, that ladybug is so cute!

    Maybe you could sneek me out of Canada and take me to the Grand Canyon.....



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