Home Life

Ok, so I went through a little phase back in February where I was taking pictures of backyard items (my in-law's backyard to be exact!) Well, last night as I was preparing dinner, I was washing some green beans in a colander and I thought to myself, "Hmmm, I like how that looks..." Hit by a sudden surge of inspiration, I scurried around the house with my camera in hand taking pictures of items in our apartment.

I was having fun until I remembered that I was supposed to be making dinner! Anyways, this is what I came up with. It was nice to give myself a challenge and find art in the things that I see everyday.

Backyard, home, what will be next? my car? my office? You'll just have to stay tuned I guess... One thing is for sure, You will be seeing a lot more wedding posts in the near future. I have 7 weddings coming up in the next two months. woo hoo!


  1. you are killing me! so good!

    and i love that i have seen most of that stuff in real life!

  2. Once I saw the blue box I knew it would be may fave! It's just so..... so cute!

    katie ^_^


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