Back in January I was interviewed by a friend who has a brilliant website called jaudible.com. The site is filled with short clips of people from around the world telling their stories. Cool idea right? Anyways, my videos are now up! Aaron and I were laughing as we watched the clips and I just had to share them with you all. So enjoy and when you have a spare minute go check out the site, it's awesome sauce!

ps: if the clips aren't working for you then you can just click here to go see them.

"They Burrow Under Your Skin"
this video is about a bug bite that I got in Costa Rica and the scary hospital experience that ensued 

"I Was Stranded In A Tree, In India"
we had a free weekend in India and decided to go on a tiger safari but it did not exactly go as expected

"Afro Chickens Ruined The Moment"
this video is about how Aaron and I met


  1. ahahaha! i have only watched the bug one so far (cause i'm at work!) and it really took me back! holy cow that was so crazy!

  2. Sarah, the suspense of "Afro Chickens..." left me curious as to what you said to Aaron after he said he liked you.

  3. HI Sarah,
    Loved the Afro Chicken video. Did you notice how sparkly your eyes get when you speak about Aaron? That is love!!

    We look forward to more videos!

  4. i just watched these vids... oh man. fantastic. i love seeing you tell stories... and hearing a few adventures from you life :) YEA!


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