Spring is here!

Is it already April? I can't believe it... Well, it looks like we are well into Spring and Summer is on its way. I just noticed today that the trees that line our road are full of green again and the weather has been fantastic. It is going to be 31C this weekend (88F)! I got my summer clothes out from the back of the closet and have packed up my jackets. I am ready for another great Summer in California. 

On Saturday we went to the Huntington Beach area to visit Tom and Sandy, my youth pastors from when I was like 17! We had bumped into them back in 2006 but other than that I haven't really seen them since high school. They moved back to California and so now that we only live an hour away from each other we set up a visit. 

We had such a wonderful evening with them! It was great to catch up and talk and laugh. Thankfully they refrained from telling Aaron too many embarrassing stories from my high school days. Haha! Thanks guys for a great visit.

Yesterday Aaron and I went to a park in Rancho Cucamonga and then we walked around Victoria Gardens. It was really nice to just have the day to ourselves.

I really like this tradition that we have formed. As much as we can help it, we keep Mondays clear of appointments and meetings and we set that day apart for ourselves. Whether we go to the beach or out for dinner or just to a park nearby. It is a great way to start our week and it is also a good way to keep our time together a priority.

Anyways, that is all for now. ciao!


  1. I think it's a great idea that you keep mondays to yourself! Makes the beginning of the week more enjoyable. =D

    The weather here has been crazy - yesterday (thurs) it snowed non-stop, and the weather's supposed to get up to 20C (68F) this weekend! But that's Canada for ya!



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