Jesse & Holly - Wedding

One of the things that I really enjoy about weddings is all the little details that people put into the day to make it their own. I love a wedding that is different and that really displays the personalities of the bride and groom.

Jesse and Holly got married on Saturday at Riley's Farm in Oak Glen, an old fashioned apple orchid and farm. Because of the rustic country feel of the location they asked their guests to get in the spirit by dressing accordingly. I've never seen so many cowboy hats and boots at a wedding!

They had hay rides for the guests and after dinner everyone got on the dance floor for some square dancing. It was very different and I thought it was great that they decided to change it up. Congrats Jesse and Holly, have a great honeymoon in Thailand!

*These images were captured while second-shooting for Garza Photography

Jesse sang a song as everyone walked down the aisle. (The song was "Transatlanticism" by "Death Cab for Cutie" which happens to be one of my favorite bands.)


  1. Neat Pics! Incredible place!

    --Jim Riley
    Riley's Farm

  2. wow, I love all those hats! what a neat theme for a wedding. Congrats to Jesse and Holly!


  3. That sky blue is incredible. I gotta ask, what setting did you use on your camera? I have got to try that on mine!

  4. Hey Jessica,

    I just learned this thanks to a friend of mine. It's called picture mode.

    You can access it through the menu or, (because I know you have the same camera as mine) the last button on the bottom next to the on/off switch will take you right there.

    Your camera will automatically be set to standard but you can change it to portrait or landscape (which is what I used for that picture) it will really make the colors pop.


  5. Thanks girl! That makes a huge difference!!


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