Kaylee & Ivan

Yesterday I was hanging out with my gorgeous niece and nephew, Kaylee and Ivan. We had a blast playing in the backyard and snapped some pictures while we were at it.

Well, tomorrow we are taking off to Big Bear Lake to go camping with 40 other friends!! It is going to be so much fun. The day after we get back Aaron will flying up to Whistler, Canada with his dad for a Pastor's conference. He is going to be gone for a whole week! Maybe I'll get a dog to keep me company (:

Speaking of dogs, I was getting in the car this morning to go to work and while my car door was still open this little Russel Terrier puppy jumps onto my lap and starts licking my face! He was so adorable. I found out that he belongs to one of my neighbors but I almost didn't want to give him back! I want a puppy...


a boy and his dog

Ivan giving me his tough guy look
Kaylee & Tia Sarah


  1. Sweet pictures!!!!

  2. wow, those pics are so cute!
    have a good time camping :D



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