Central Coast

Aaron and I drove up to Pismo Beach this afternoon. We made the trip because I have a wedding up in Paso Robles on Saturday. Our good friend Cindy also lives up here so we are staying a few extra days to visit with her.

We were hoping that by coming to the cool breezy central coast we would escape the Southern California heat (42C/108F!) but no such luck... although it was a bit "cooler" here (38C/100F) it was still uncomfortably hot. It's looking like it will cool down a bit in the next few days so hopefully that is the case so that we can take advantage before we head back home.


  1. So glad you got to enjoy spending time with Cindy so many times while she lived 'close' to you. You'll certainly miss having her a short drive away.

    btw, Jill looks fabulous! Well captured auntie!

  2. Wow, that's hot! Up in Canada, our heat has been 25C or 77F! We had about a week of rain. Hope you have fun at Pismo Beach =D



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