Everything sounds better underwater...

So as I mentioned before, I have started swimming laps at my gym. I love it a lot and so I decided to get a waterproof case for my ipod shuffle. As you can see it just hooks onto the back of my goggles and the earphones clip onto the sides as well. The first time I used it I was like, "woah, this is pretty cool." It is absolutely breathtaking to be able to hear music underwater. (well, hopefully not too breathtaking or else I'll end up with a mouth full of chlorine water...)

I am also finding that the types of songs I like to listen to are not your regular, fast-paced, workout songs. I am leaning more towards the mellow stuff like Sufjan Stevens and The Album Leaf. That kind of music sounds so beautiful underwater. Even Aaron prefers opera music while he swims.

Anyways, this makes me love swimming even more. I am really excited to see myself improve in this. I can already swim 10 more laps (20 lengths) than I could when I first started. yay progress!


  1. hey! i went to get this the other day but they were out of the headphones at my apple store. i am definitely going to get one eventually though! thanks for the heads up!


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