Palm Springs

We spent a night in Palm Springs with Aaron's family over the weekend. It was a super nice getaway. The area was amazing, it was really beautiful! We spent most of the time in the pool and on Sunday night I took a nice walk around dusk and got some nice pictures.

I have been really wanting to get into an activity lately and I remembered how much I liked swimming in high school. They have a nice lane pool at the gym Aaron goes to so I signed up and today was day two. Swimming laps is strenuous and works nearly all of the major muscle groups. In other words, it takes a few times to not feel like you just got kicked in the face! Actually I have been doing pretty good, I have started out swimming one mile each time and as my stroke technique and lung power improves I'll work my way up. I am feeling really enthusiastic about this new endeavor. I think I am going to invest in an underwater headset for my ipod. Aaron has one and he swears by it!

Also, my sister is going home from the hospital today! Everyday she is getting stronger, she is such a trooper. Their new son is utterly adorable. I added more pictures of him yesterday (complements of Darren) so scroll down to the next post if you haven't seen them yet.

Ivan and "G-ma"


  1. Oh dang.

    Sarah, these pictures are beautiful!


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